Comparison Between Ultram And Tramadol

ultram and tramadolUltram is the brand name for a pain relief medication whereas Tramadol is the generic version of it. Both can be taken to get rid of pain, however, there are few similarities and differences between the variants. Let us see about it in detail on this blog.

Same active ingredient

The active ingredient is the same in both Tramadol and Ultram. So the working procedure would also be similar in the body. When the tablet is taken, it would alter the way on how the pain is perceived thus would reduce the pain sensation in the body.

The amount of active ingredient that is present would be based on the dosage strength mentioned in the drug. However, there will be the difference in the inactive ingredients among the variants and it would not affect the effectiveness that you get from the medication.

Appearance will vary

It is a rule that the generic medications should not look like the brand Tramadol medication. This is the reason why you are able to see the availability of this pain relief pills in different size, shape, and color in the market.

The generic drug manufacturing companies are provided with the opportunity to design their pills in any appearance of their wish.

Dosage strengths

There are three different dosage strengths such as 50mg, 100mg, and 200mg. This is the basic dosage available for the brand medication. However, the generic pharmaceuticals have the benefit of developing various dosage strengths of their wish.

Not only this, but it is also possible for them to develop Tramadol with their desired forms like intravenous, intramuscular and rectal.

Price of Ultram and Tramadol

Ultram, the brand drug would be very expensive compared to the generic Tramadol. The brand medications have so many overhead costs like the research, manufacturing and the marketing.

The brand pharmaceutical company has to bear all these costs so they end up fixing the premium price for Ultram to get profits. This is not an issue for a generic manufacturing company because they did not do any research and it is just that they got the formula from the Ultram brand drug company as well as utilized it for their creation.

There is no need for the generic pharmaceuticals to market about Tramadol as the Ultram drug is already popular. Due to the less investment they have and high competition in the market, the cost of Tramadol is very less.

Clinical trials on the medication

There are so many researchers and clinical trials done on the brand medication and it is comparatively less for the generic drugs. However, several tests are conducted on Tramadol drug before it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It is a must that the generic pills should provide similar effects on the condition just like the brand drug.

Compared to Tramadol, Ultram is safe as the researchers are aware of what are all the effects that might happen in a body while taking it.

Patient’s preference

Some of them prefer brand medication since it is reliable for consuming though it is very expensive. But there are few patients who opt for generic Tramadol and they also get necessary effects in the body.

There are few cases where patients would switch from Ultram to Tramadol during the course of therapy. Few find that they get enough effect on the medical condition whereas some of the individuals were unsuccessful in it.

There are various pros and cons in taking the Brand and generic medication. So you can go about procuring the drug that can help you to fetch maximum benefits in the body.