Infographics about Tramadol and Pregnancy

Get Ultram’s following infographic, goes over how Tramadol impacts on pregnant ladies and the risks of using Tramadol during pregnancy in a detailed view.

Tramadol and Pregnancy Infographics

Tramadol during Pregnancy
It is very common to know that Tramadol would be considered as a potent painkiller to get rid of pregnancy pain and many women tend to consume it for the same. This, however, is considered as a dangerous act since Tramadol is not intended for pain relief during pregnancy. This not only affects the mother, but also causes adverse effects to the newborn. Tramadol reacts with the caliber of umbilical vessels, therefore, affecting the blood supply. It is not at all safe to use Tramadol during pregnancy, whatsoever.

Risks of using Tramadol during Pregnancy
As already mentioned, it may cause serious effects in the newborn such as,

  • Withdrawal symptoms that might last upto 48 hours post birth
  • Severe trembling and crying
  • Low body weight
  • Alteration in the pattern of respiration

However, in any case, the dosage must not exceed over 50 to 100 mg/day, but avoiding the pill is strictly advised by medical professionals. You may consult with your doctor prior to consumption and follow the instruction, eventually.

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