Is Ultram an over the counter drug?

By | April 18, 2017

Ultram Over the CounterNo, Ultram is not an over the counter drug and you require a prescription in order to legally take the drug in the US. The FDA recognizes Ultram as a schedule IV controlled substance due to its mild potential for abuse. This means that all users should be prescribed to take the drug only upon consultation with the healthcare provider and with a valid prescription. The Ultram prescription is required in order to purchase the medication either from online or offline stores.

Not all countries consider Ultram as a prescription medication though and it is possible to purchase the pain reliever from these places over the counter. A number of international online pharmacies offer this medication over the counter as the drug does not require a prescription. Before purchasing the medication online, check the legal requirements in your country for taking this drug and then proceed.

Is it possible to buy Ultram over the counter?

Yes, it is possible to buy Ultram over the counter. For this you can opt for any of the overseas internet pharmacies that offer the drug without a prescription. However, the potent nature of this drug is safer for the user if it is taken after consulting with the doctor.

  • Users have the option to get the Ultram online prescription with the help of the online doctor. How this works is that the internet pharmacy would have healthcare professionals available online to provide consultation services.
  • The user may have to fill in a questionnaire with all pertinent details like the pain condition, other drugs being taken, medical history, and such. The user can also get any drug related queries sorted with the online doctor.
  • If deemed suitable, the prescription would be provided in the suitable dosage. The cost of the Ultram online prescription would be similar to that of getting the opioid-like pain medication over the counter as there are no major charges.

Do I need a prescription to buy Ultram in Canada?

Yes, you need a prescription to buy Ultram in Canada. The Canadian government follows the prescription medication policies similar to that of the US. Only the pricing is different in that a prescription drug cannot be priced above a certain limit.

If you have the Ultram prescription, the same can be used to purchase the drug from Canadian pharmacies online and enjoy the cheap pricing. Canadian Ultram is priced significantly lower than that of other places.

Previously, people used to cross borders just to get cheap Ultram from Canada, but now they just order the pain med online with the prescription and get the pills delivered directly to one’s home.


Order the Ultram medication over the counter by taking suitable precautions and benefit from the therapeutic effects of the drug.