Know The History Of Ultram

Ultram is a pain relief medication which can be easily procured online and everyone knows about it. In this blog, we are going to know about the history of the drug. Though it is quite a new drug, it definitely has a big history and in the present, it has helped many patients to treat their pain.

Establishment of Ultram

Ultram medication was launched and marketed by GrĂ¼nenthal GmbH pharmaceutical company in the year 1977. This is a German company hence the medication was initially available in West Germany. This drug company owns the patent for the medication. However, it does cross-licensing with other pharmaceutical companies and that is the reason why the medication is available worldwide. When the drug was launched in the market, it was named as Tramal. But, now it possesses two brand names namely Conzip and Ultram. The generic variants of the drug are commonly referred to as Tramadol.

What are the different names that Ultram is available worldwide?

Ultram worldwideFrom one country to another, the name would differ. We mention here only about different names that the pain-relieving medication is sold in some countries.

Australia– the drug is sold under names like Tramadol, Tramedo, Tramal, Zydol, and Tramahexal.

Canada– In this country, the medication is offered to the patients in many names such as Tridural, Tramacet, Zytram, Tramadol, and Ralivia.

Denmark– Tradolan, Tramadol HEXAL, Mandolgin, Dolol and Nobligan.

France– Various names are Ixprim(combined with paracetamol), Zamudol, Contramal, Tramadol, and Topalgic.

India– Osteodol, Ultramed (combined with paracetamol), Contramal, Zoftadol, VAMADOL PLUS, Tramazac, TRIMIF, Tramacip, and Palitex.

United Kingdom– Dromadol, Zydol, Zamadol, Tramadol, Tramake.

The United States– Ultracet (combined with paracetamol), Tramadol, Ryzolt, Ultram and Ultram ER are some names.

Things to be known about Tramadol medication

You can get generic drug of this medication in the United States. There are various manufacturers for providing generic pills like Mallinckrodt, Pur-Pak, Cor Pharma, Caraco, Teva, Mylan, and PO. There are different dosage strengths available in the medication. You can also get it in instant-release as well as extended-release tablets in the market. The latter is only more liable for drug abuse.

The immediate-release variants of Ultram were approved by the FDA in March 1995. The extended-release variant was also happened to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the same year in the month of September. Until August 2009, the German Pharmaceutical company had a patent which was then invalidated by the US district court. Only then, the generic variants were made to be allowed in the United States.

In most of the countries, it was made clear that the medication has to be taken only after getting a prescription. One of the major reasons behind it is the addictive nature that the drug possesses. However, in a country like Sweden, Ultram was categorized under controlled substance in May 2008. Then it was taken as a scheduled drug.

In several Asian countries, the Ultram medication can be taken without a prescription. You can get a combination medication like Ultram with Paracetamol named as Tramacet in Mexico.

Even the usage of the medication differs from one country to another. In countries like the Philippines, the pill is used to treat labor pain whereas in other countries Ultram or its generic variants is prescribed to be taken to treat chronic pain and arthritis pain.