Why Soma got placed into schedule IV drug category in the US?

Soma USSoma, generically known as carisoprodol, is a carbamate drug, and doctors generally prescribe patients with Soma, who seek immediate help for treating acute or chronic pain. This pill can be easily purchased from various internet drugstores by making use of their Soma online overnight delivery service, to get hold of the drug in quick time to start the course of treatment. The drug acts on the barbiturate receptor in order to relax the muscle. They act by preventing the pain sensation from reaching the brain, works by blocking certain nerve signals. They are mainly used to treat musculoskeletal conditions, broken bone etc. Since they are associated with brain, they certainly have some adverse effect too. Usually, schedule IV drugs are classified as addictive and hazardous on uncontrolled usage, but not as lethal as class II and class I. Schedule IV drugs are usually prescription drugs so that one must present the prescription provided by a certified doctor in order to obtain the drug from local drug store. People can buy soma by obtaining an online prescription by visiting reputed online pharmacy like ordersoma.org, which provides real Soma drugs at a cheap price with additional features like express shipping and bonus pills.

Soma has several side effects like benzodiazepine drugs, which makes them fit for the schedule IV category. Drowsiness is one of the most reported side effects of the drug which accelerates the metabolism in the sleep center of the brain, there by inducing sleep all the time. Other than that, euphoria is common among soma users. Most of the symptoms are similar to that of another member of schedule IV, thus soma should not be sold without prescription because of its potential risk of abuse. It has been seen that the heavy sedation effect experienced by the drug promote their usage for recreational purpose, which finally resulted in increased drug users across the globe. Let us see why this drug needs to be classified under schedule IV.

Reasons why Soma ought to be schedule IV.

  1. The tendency to abuse soma also known as carisoprodol is very high when compared to other pain drugs like Ultram. It has a unique property of narcotics and ability to form a conjunction with opioid drugs. Taking all this into account, on March 2010 the DEA issued a circular to place soma under schedule IV to prevent its misuse and underground sale.
  2. It has the ability to potentiate pro opioids like codeine and hydrocodone into its active form morphine and hydromorphone other than its own sedative ability. Some recreational users combine these drugs in order to enhance the experience without knowing the potential ability of soma, making it very risky for the purpose. Damage to nerves might occur, which ultimately leads to severe paralysis or even death.
  3. The risk of overdoes due to conjunction ability of soma is usually not known, such that, its interaction with other GABA drugs or even alcohol has a potential risk of overdose. Apart from these, long-term users scale up the dosage in order to compensate the decreasing drug stimuli on the receptor, finally crossing the threshold level which the body safely handles, finally leading to several adverse conditions and side effects.
  4. Easy tolerance is developed upon consistent usage. The drug soma has a habit forming tendency due to its mechanism of action on barbiturate receptors, but, unlike other prescription drugs, once the habit is developed, it is very hard to discontinue the usage at a later phase. Moreover, doctors prescribe soma only for a short term usage by progressively reducing the dosage in the later phase of usage or treatment.